Products of the label program
Products of the label program
Products of the label program
Products of the label program
Products of the label program
Products of the label program


Label program

Your partner in the world of labels

We produce high-quality, single-color, multi-color, flexible labels-stickers in a roll in various forms.

The customer first looks at the label when buying a product, so it is very important that the label tells the story of the product. From the mass of products, with the help of the label, the customer can distinguish exactly the product he needs. Also, the design of the label can attract the customer to buy that particular product in a sea of similar products.

Labels can also be used for marketing purposes. Promoting a product or service with a well-designed design can attract a customer. In a way, the labels also speak about the company of that product or service.

That's why it's very important for labels to be of good quality.

Labels for logistics

Logistics labels are mostly used to mark packaging and have important role, because they ensure that each package reaches its recipient.

Their contents are usually printed at the place where the packaging operations are carried out.

Labels can be pre-printed or blank.
Depending on the purpose of the labels, the most commonly used materials are: thermo eco, thermal top, vellum, polyethylene and polypropylene.

The perfect combination of material and adhesive is the key to meeting the various market demands.
The label must be stable under the different climatic conditions in which packaging, storage and transportation take place. Visual data must always be consistent under any conditions.

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Labels for the food industry

The food industry is one of the most dynamic branches, where labels play a major role due to the fierce competition of products on the market. That is why the development of better, healthier and environmentally safer products is a major concern.

It is crucial to distinguish between labels for visual product recognition, i.e. trademarks, and labels that contain legally prescribed information.

Labels for food products and beverages must be attractive and appealing enough to draw the attention of consumers, while also being functional and technically good.
The right combination of materials, which includes the resistance of the base material, paint and glue to climatic influences, as well as paint penetration problems, provides the required quality.

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Labels for scales and retail

Labels are suitable media for the transmission of promotional messages due to the possibility of printing and because they can be applied to any surface.

They can be pasted on publications, newspapers, books, and other various products.

Promotional labels also come with special offers, such as gifts or discounts.
It is important that these promotional ethics stand out and be noticed by customers. That's why they should be different from the others in terms of design, using bright colors with striking drawings or slogans.

In this area, Velebit DOO also produces labels for scales.

Your logo and other information can be printed on these labels.

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Labels for medicine and pharmacy

Products on the health and pharmaceutical market are manufactured in accordance with quality requirements and standards, where there is no room for error. That is why quality control is very important, because it eliminates production and human errors.

Labels for medical and pharmaceutical products must meet strict international guidelines for quality and safety.

In this area, Velebit DOO produces labels for blood bags, labels for testing laboratories, labels in pharmacies, labels for inventory and medical management, labels for medicines, vials, creams, ointments and salves, and other labels for medicine and pharmacy.
They must be resistant to moisture, temperature and other external influences during storage, transport and use.

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Labels for cosmetics

The production process of labels for cosmetic products must comply with the high standards characteristic of this industry.

Your labels need to stand out from the crowd due to the extremely competitive market, where attractive graphics and elegant typography are some of the important details.

Cosmetic products are used in different environments and therefore labels must be resistant to moisture, heat, oils and other external influences.

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Labels for other industries

The production of labels for different branches of industry is regulated by a different set of legal provisions, depending on the industry in question. For example labels for chemical products encounter rigorous handling conditions, where they still need to have a sharp appearance and legibility. It is similar with labels in the auto industry.

Safety and warning signs must be placed on labels and containers used for storage and transportation.

Depending on the product, it is necessary to find the right combination of substrate and adhesive.
We offer a wide range of substrates that are resistant to various acids, fats, oils, alcohols, solvents and other chemicals.

We use different adhesives in accordance with the properties of the product's surface, thereby obtaining optimal labeling of the label.

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