• To continue to be a leader on the domestic market, ie a leading company for the production of quality paper of various characteristics, formats and dimensions
• Ensure the current level of overall business activity for secure and focused growth in the future
• Increase market share in all sectors every year
• Technologically and personnel train and strengthen the company
• Achieve world quality products
• Improve firm organization and productivity, in line with industry standards
• Develop and improve relationships with subcontractors
• Being recognizable in the market as an innovator in the industry
• Always respond quickly and in a high business style to the requests of customers and partners

• Continuous improvement of the company's organization
• Conquering new markets and regions
• Systematic marketing improvement - every employee is an ambassador of the company
• Staff strengthening of the company and continuous training of employees
• Motivation of employees by strengthening the sense of teamwork, sense of belonging and identification with the team, strengthening self-esteem and, of course, through timely and decent personal income of employees
•The company's goal is to remain part of its core business, constantly improving and expanding it
• Continuous work on improvement, innovation and quality improvement
• Neat and organized computer records of all customers, their orders, suppliers, etc.
• Delivery of goods directly to the customer, whenever possible
• Constant monitoring of fairs in the country or the world, in order to gain insight into current and future trends in the profession


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