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The quality policy is an essential commitment in the business of the company VeleBit d.o.o. Novi Sad.
In accordance with the business policy of the company, the management, as well as all other employees of VeleBit d.o.o., are determined to continuously improve the quality of products and services and thus maintain the position of leader in the region in the production of medical devices, I and Im class, POS papers, endless forms and label, in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws and special regulations.
The policy of continuous quality improvement, especially in the production of high quality medical devices, I and Im class, is subject to the requirements and full satisfaction of the needs of health care institutions, laboratories and all other end users.
The goal is to harmonize the business of the company Velebit d.o.o. with this policy, with the requirements of IMS and legal regulations in the field of medicine, as well as to continuously raise the level of meeting the needs of users by improving the quality of products and services and thus ensure both satisfaction and safety of users of medical devices.
The quality policy leads to the realization of the company's goals based on the following procedures:
• Business is subordinated to the protection of users by identifying and assessing the risk of the medical device in order to protect the health and safety of users;
• By applying and constantly improving the effectiveness of the quality management system and quality objectives according to the requirements of IMS, especially medical devices of I and Im class;
• Reducing business costs to an optimal level with efficient and quality use of human, material and financial resources;
• Application of a quality system that goes from the top management to each individual in the team;
• Remain part of the core business with the expansion of the production program, which would enable the conquest of new markets and regions, accompanied by an increase in business volume;
• Applications of comprehensive quality control systems in organizational parts in business functions. We provide conditions for continuous monitoring and control of plans in all business processes; we provide monitoring and elimination of risks to product safety and human health;
• Our products fully meet customer requirements in terms of quality, reliability, durability and design. We have established such a work environment in which employees are aware that their work is monitored and controlled and that the execution of tasks from the first attempt and in the best possible way is a priority. Every employee has a positive attitude towards quality, which means working without mistakes;
• Maintaining a climate of mutual cooperation and respect in achieving common goals, as well as trust and a sense of belonging to the company, in which all employees understand their tasks, responsibilities and authorities. We provide the necessary human resources by creating conditions for the implementation of training, the required level of knowledge and motivation of all employees, which also reduces the cost of non-compliant activities, processes, products and services;
• We maintain a correct relationship with suppliers of goods and services, respecting the requirements and procedures, we include them in the quality system, by selecting suppliers who meet high criteria in the production of raw materials needed for the production of medical devices.
• We responsibly accept all the requirements imposed by the environment (legal, economic, security, environmental, ...) in order to protect the environment and preserve the resources of the environment in which we live and work.

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